Delicious Lunch Recipes

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps
These Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps are a super simple lunch recipe that are cool, creamy and filled with crisp bacon. You really can’t go wrong with a side of potato chips and fresh fruit or fresh cut veggies. But if you’re looking to take it over the top,

These wraps would be perfect for a quick lunch or weeknight dinner. I even wrapped these up for my daughter to take on a hike and she said they were fantastic after several hours in her lunch bag. Recipe here
Grilled Mozzarella Sandwich
This delicious grilled mozzarella sandwich is perfect to make when you want something fresh with a gourmet quality, but don’t want to go to a restaurant. Homemade walnut pesto, fresh tomatoes and melted mozzarella make every bite full of flavor. Be sure to make a double batch of the pesto so you can whip up a tasty sandwich later on in the week.
To make the pesto
Place the basil, garlic, walnuts and Parmesan cheese in the food processor; season with salt and pepper, to taste, and blend. While the food processor is on, pour the olive oil slowly into the mixture in order to allow the olive oil to emulsify. Recipe here
School Lunch Favorites: Homemade Pizza Roll-Ups
This recipe starts with pizza dough. Unroll a tube of refrigerated crescent dough and press together each of the seams. You can also use a tube of refrigerated pizza dough, or a batch of homemade multi-grain or gluten-free pizza dough works, as well. Spread pizza sauce on top of the dough (steer clear of spaghetti sauce, since it tends to be thinner than pizza sauce). Cheese goes next, of course! Toss on your favorite toppings. We went with pepperoni, but olives, sliced veggies, ham, or pineapple taste great, too. If you like it on your pizza, you’ll love it on your pizza roll-ups! Recipe here
Tuna Stuffed Avocados
Tuna stuffed avocados are a delicious low-carb, keto, Whole30 and paleo-friendly lunch or snack recipe. A simple combination of tuna salad and avocados, they’re easy to make, loaded with healthy protein, healthy fats and will keep you satiated long after lunch is over. Just add the tuna, mayonnaise, celery, onion, herbs, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper to a small mixing bowl. Use a fork to break up the tuna and thoroughly mix all of the ingredients together.
Then use a large knife to cut your avocados in half and remove the seed. Add a few dollops of tuna salad onto each avocado half and that’s it – so easy. To eat the tuna stuffed avocados, just use a spoon or fork to scoop out a bite of the tuna salad with a chuck of avocado. It’s creamy, savory, herby and slightly crunchy from the celery and onion. Totally delicious. Recipe here
Lentil’s Shepherd’s Pie
Lentil Shepherd’s Pie is a vegan version of a traditional Shepherd’s Pie. It’s so hearty, comforting, and filling you will NOT miss the meat!
Shepherd’s pie is traditionally an Irish meal made with ground beef filling and a mashed potato crust. Technically it’s called a “cottage pie” as a shepherd’s pie refers more to a pie that has a lamb filling (Hence the name “shepherd”).  So technically this vegan version would probably be more accurate if we called it a “shepherdless pie.”  Lentils are mini-sized legumes. (They are beans basically). There are different varieties but brown lentils are the most common and what is used for this recipe.  Recipe here