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Eguisheim, birthplace of the Alsatian vineyards has been listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France since 2003, and has been awarded the National Grand Prize winner for Flowers since 1989. The historic village plunges the visitor into the middle of the Renaissance The village is not big. One or two hours should be enough to tour it. The main street (Grand-Rue) crosses the village from East to West. It passes by the main square: Place du Château Saint-Leon. The circular streets should be seen, particularly the rue du Rempart (North and South).

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Odda is one of those magic places that has it all. Trolltunga is the very example of Odda’s surprising environment – a rock that defies gravity, creating one of the most aweinspiring viewpoints known to man. When you come and visit us, you will find there is so much else to explore as well! We are surrounded by two national parks, Europe’s deepest snow in Røldal, Røldal’s unique stave church, the Buerbreen glacier and the historical industrial town of Tyssedal. Our many exciting and varied activities are waiting to be explored! read

Mauritius or Ile Maurice in French, Indian Ocean sunniest destination and an unspoilt, beach lover’s paradise that combines excellent urban experiences and natural activity options. Whether  you just landed from a straight flight with Air Mauritius or through Emirates or Singapore Airlines, every visitor is left speechless by the sapphire blue ocean, porcelain white sand beaches, and one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. And all this is just waiting to be explored. Visit Indian Ocean Sunniest Capital and experience more than just amazing sunsets over the ocean. Mauritius is a favourite destination among honeymooners. Swim in one of the 50 white sand beaches and relax in one of the world’s best hotels. There are a number of hotels, from top luxury hotels to family budget. If you’re into photography or just an Instagram we listed ” the most iconic Instagram places to visit.“
Mauritius have so much more to offer than Maldives or Seychelles. There are so many activities to do on the island, like hiking, zipline or mountain climbing. The most famous being Le Morne mountain. Rent a car or travel by taxi, visit the island and don’t miss a spot. read
You can’t go to Salvador, a major city located on a peninsula on Bahia’s coast, without spending time in the old city of colorful colonial buildings, cobblestoned streets, and a sense of history clustered around the Largo do Pelourinho, also known as Praça José de Alencar. This part of Salvador is known as Pelourinho, the city within a city.

Nicknamed Pelo by residents this area is in the older part of the upper city, or Cidade Alta, of Salvador. It encompasses several blocks around the triangular Largo, and it is the location for music, dining, and nightlife.

Pelourinho means whipping post in Portuguese, and this was the old slave auction location in the days when slavery was common. read
The Scottish Borders village of St Abbs might not be the first place you think of if you are hankering for a fresh crab sandwich, but for those in the know, it’s a hallowed destination. With its own St Abbs Head National Nature Reserve offering up spectacular cliffside walks, links to Hollywood (hint, it’s New Asgard) diving, fishing and seabirds galore, the village of St Abbs is a perfect reminder that the Scottish Borders are not just for driving through. Here is why you should visit St Abbs and St Abbs Head. 
The village of St Abbs has a thriving fishing harbour, providing a home for six lobster boats who bring in daily catches of lobster and local edible crabs known as Poos! Take a wander around the harbour, otherwise known as Thor’s homeland New Asgard, from Avengers: Endgame. You can visit the St Abbs Head lifeboat station and the ‘fake’ pub – one of the cottages was turned into the sadly fictional the Cormorant and Tun.  read