Cerro Castillo National Park,Chile

This park was created in 1970 and encompasses an area of 134,000 hectares (294,800 acres) to the south of Coyhaique. The stretch of the Carretera Austral that leads to the city of Cochrane crosses the mountainous chain of Cerro Castillo which separates the hydrographic basins of the Aysén and Ibáñez rivers. Its natural beauty and archaeological heritage make it one of Chile’s most attractive wild landscapes, being the only valley that still preserves Selknam patrimony.
Cerro Castillo National Park are the silent red foxes, pumas, guanacos and the Patagonian skunk called Chingue to name a few. But the reserve is outstanding not only for its fauna, but also for its trekking trails which have been rated as one of the most impressive in the world.
 Cerro Castillo is the perfect place for those who love to do trekking. The park has different trails that were once created by the muleteers of the region. Cerro Castillo is perfect for both beginners and professionals.
Among its main attractions is the Castillo hill, with an average height of 2.675 meters above sea level, complemented by captivating glaciers and snowfields. The Chiguay lagoon is also a must, with its turquoise water surrounded by native trees and flowers. Moreover, campers can access limited camping areas which are equipped with everything they might need.