Charred Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprout Tacos

Tacos are such a great way to reintroduce foods back into your system after a Whole30 and a perfect option for food freedom because you can pick and choose how to wrap your tacos and what to serve them with depending on what works well for you!
If you are reintroducing grains or know that grains work for you, serve these in corn tortillas. And if you cannot do corn, try cassava flour tortillas or serve them in lettuce wraps!
If you are reintroducing legumes, add in a scoop of black or refried beans or totally omit the beans if they’re not your thing.
If you are reintroducing dairy, sprinkle on a little cojita cheese or top with a scoop of greek yogurt! A great swap would be coconut yogurt or an nut-based cheese.

Recipe HERE