Chateau des Milandes, Dordogne, France

This medieval castle’s owner was the american singer-dancer Josephine Baker for a period. Although financial ruin meant Josephine had to leave the chateau in the 1960’s the current owners have dedicated the castle to her memorable life.
Built in 1489, this charming castle with its magnificent Gothic features is a great example of Renaissance architecture.
The Caumonts, an eminent family of the French aristocracy and the original owners of a fief in Lot-en-Garonne dating back to the 10th century, settled in Perigord in the fortress of Castelnaud after the marriage of Nompar IV of Caumont to Jeanne de Castelnaud. The austerity of this fortress convinced the Lord François de Caumont to build a more romantic castle for his wife, Claude de Cardaillac bringing rooms alive with more light. With beautiful stained-glass in its mullioned windows, and rooms opening onto the valley, the castle became the permanent residence of the Caumont family. To this day, it still retains all its medieval splendour with architectural features such as turrets, a winding staircase and gargoyles.
The castle was lived in throughout the 16th century but the family’s conversion to Protestantism overturned the peaceful harmony of the “Sleeping Beauty”. read