Heroes Of The Coronavirus Age

My assisted living is on lockdown so he comes every day to see his dad and they talk through the phone, sweetest thing ever
Chinese Doctors Celebrate The Closure Of The Last Temporary Hospital In Wuhan. Patients Dropped From 15000 To 15. Absolute Heros
Ms. Chen Hides 65 Pets, Abandoned During Wuhan Outbreak, In Her Small Home. Authorities Only Allow 1 Pet Per Home, And They Kill The Animal If Owner Got Covid19
One Of My Neighbors Left A Bag Of Toilet Paper On My Front Door And With The Way Things Are In The World Right Now, Being A Single Mom And Struggling With My Bipolar Lately, This Small Token Of Generosity Moved Me To Tears
A Table Was Setup By Somebody In My Town To Help People Struggling During This Chaotic Time.. This Is What Should Be Happening!
Someone Placing Random Hand Sanitizer Station Around In Public Places
A Cornish supermarket will be opening its store to the elderly only for two hours this week so that they can conduct their shopping.
The store manager of the Penzance branch of Iceland confirmed that the store will be opening on Wednesday between 9-11am. Charlotte Priest said: “It will be manned by a member of management who will only be letting the elderly in.

Credits:  www.boredpanda.com