How to Make Epic Charcuterie Boards – from an Expert!

How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board
Order the meat sliced fresh (and thin!) from the deli counter and eat it the same day. Order 4-5 different meats for a small board and more for a crowd. If this is a meal, plan for 3-4 slices of each meat per person.

Plan on 3-4 cheeses for small boards and around 5 if you’re feeding a crowd. You’ll want a variety of cheese textures from firm to super creamy. The cheeses are usually prepackaged and will sometimes come in varying sizes so if you’re wanting a larger chunk of one cheese and a smaller portion of another, just look through the stack of cheeses to find the size that looks best for your board. You could even ask if they cut cheeses to size. For your reference, our cheeses usually weigh anywhere from .25 to .50 of a pound each.
Serve the softer, creamier cheeses as they come and with a little knife so it can be spread on bread or fruit slices. Hard cheeses can be sliced to make it easier for people to grab or you can serve them whole too.
Add a variety of sweet and savory extras to bring out the different tastes and textures of the meats and cheeses. Keep your pantry and refrigerator stocked with most of the extras so all you have to get most of the time are the fresh fruits and bread.
Look for wines that have lower tannins, lower alcohol content and higher acidity. Champagne, sparkling wines, sauvignon blanc and rieslings are great picks or serve up vodka or gin based cocktails.

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