Italian Dessert Recipes

 This Vanilla Milk Gelato is a perfect treat, with a creamy, dense texture and intense vanilla flavor. Vanilla gelato is similar to vanilla bean ice cream, but with milk instead of heavy cream. If you’ve been wanting to experiment with homemade gelato, now is the time to get started! Learn how to make this easy vanilla gelato recipe in no time. While ice cream and gelato are very similar, gelato has a lower fat content. Ice cream typically has a fat content of 10 percent or more, while gelato uses more milk, and often less egg yolks (sometimes none).
Don’t purchase vanilla beans from the grocery store; they’re a huge rip off! Aren’t they some insane price like $7-$10 for 3 beans in a spice bottle? Don’t do that. Recipe here
Chocolate-hazelnut canolli has probably become one of the most popular dessert flavor-combinations out there, and it’s no surprise. Whether it’s ice cream, brownies, cookies or these cannoli, I don’t think there will be many objections. 
2 cups ricotta cheese
2 oz Perugina’s Luisa 51% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar, finely chopped
10, 6-inch cannoli shells or additional smaller shells*
¼ cup heavy cream
¾ cup chocolate hazelnut spread, such as Nutella
Recipe here
Cannoli Cake
A cannoli is an Italian pastry that is shaped in a long tube with a filling generally made up of ricotta cheese and powdered sugar.
An Italian cannoli may include other things such as candied fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, cinnamon, mascarpone cheese, or a wide variety of other things. This Italian cake with cannoli filling frosting may look difficult to make, it’s actually quite easy. It is a bit time-consuming though, but worth the trouble in my opinion. The good thing is that I think it’s actually better the next day so you can definitely make this cake ahead of time!
Ok, so to get started on this homemade Cannoli Cake, be sure your oven is preheated. Also butter and flour two round baking pans.
Start making the cake batter by mixing the dry ingredients together including the all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt. Recipe here
Tiramisu Cupcakes
These tiramisu cupcakes are a wonderful twist on that beloved classic Italian dessert. With fluffy vanilla cupcakes soaked in coffee, a rich mascarpone cheese frosting and a chocolate fudge centre – these cupcakes mean business. The combination of creamy mascarpone cheese with the coffee soaked ladyfinger biscuits and a dusting of cocoa powder… I’m pretty sure that’s what dessert heaven looks (and tastes) like. First, we have gluten free vanilla cupcakes that we’ll dip into some coffee – these are the cupcake alternative to ladyfinger biscuits.
The cupcakes are delicate and fluffy, and soak up the coffee beautifully. These tiramisu cupcakes have it all – the looks, the taste, the texture… plus, they’re easy to make and guaranteed to impress. What’s not to love? So get baking! Recipe here
Mascarpone Panna Cotta with Redcurrant 
Panna cotta is one of the most famous Italian desserts not only in its birth country but in the whole world. It has the consistency of a pudding and its main ingredients are double cream (this is where the dessert’s name comes from – “cooked cream”) and gelatine. Of course, there are plenty variations and ingredient combinations. Our recipe has equal parts of mascarpone and cream. The ready pudding has a very gentle sweet taste that is wonderfully contrasting to the lightly sour redcurrant.
The first testimonies for this dessert are about 1000 years old and come from the Piedmont region – Northwest Italy. The lady who invented this pudding was probably of Hungarian origin.
At the time, people were using a dusted air bubble from beluga fish to jelly desserts. It sounds a bit weird, so nowadays we are using gelatine. Adding vanilla extract and serving panna cotta with fruit sauces, caramel and melted chocolate are modern interpretations of this almost ancient dessert. Recipe here