Seljavallalaug Hot Pool, Iceland


Seljavallalaug swimming pool is the oldest pool in Iceland [despite what some people say, it is NOT the secret lagoon!]. Seljavallalaug pool was built in 1923 by a local man and the purpose was to teach the Icelandic people how to swim! Now, Icelanders must know how to swim before they can graduate school [how cool is that?] but back in the 1920’s this wasn’t a law and Seljavallalaug swimming pool was born!


Before they became great lovers of swimming pools and began to build them literally in every village a lot has happened.

At the beginning of the 20th century, only a small group of Icelanders could swim. It was a huge problem because they constantly had a contact with water – many people made a living from fishing.

Quite many fishermen died in the raging ocean. Icelanders started to wonder if anything could be done about this situation. Soon the whole nation was encouraged to overcome their fear of the water and start to learn to swim. Seljavellir swimming pool initiated the Icelanders’ love to spend their free time swimming and splashing around.

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