Travel Food Guide: Traditional Croatian Foods



Pašticada is a stewed beef dish cooked in a special sweet and sour sauce that is very popular in Croatia. It is often called Dalmatinska pašticada because it originates in the Dalmatia region (the same place Dalmatian dogs are from). Traditional Dalmatian pašticada is usually served with gnocchi (njoki) or homemade pasta. In Dalmatia, it is a meal for important feasts, including weddings. Read more 



How to cook traditional “Ispod Peka,”?  literally translating to “cooking under the lid.” You can cook all kinds of food under the peka, such as vegetables, meat, and even bread! The method of cooking Peka is as follows: You begin with a fire. You remove the fire from it’s the heated surface, most commonly a fireplace of clay stones, and replace the fire with the food. You then cover the food with a cast iron or steel dome (the peka or sač). Read more 



This simple and poor dish has become a cultural trademark and it’s promoted by Poljički soparnik association and is considered an important cultural heritage of Croatia. The dish has its origins in Poljica region in Dalmatia, the area between the towns of Split and Omiš. Soparnik is a savoury pie, consisting in two thin sheets of dough similar to filo dough, only slightly thicker, and a filling prepared with Swiss chard, onions and olive oil. Read more 



This simple pasta dish can be made with fresh pasta or dried but go the extra mile, dust off the pasta maker and crank out some of your own. Read more 


Punjene Paprike 

Stuffed vegetables are hugely popular in my part of the world: courgette, aubergine, sometimes tomatoes, but above all – peppers (punjene paprike in Croatian). Basically, uncooked peppers are stuffed with a mixture of beef (and sometimes pork) and uncooked rice. The peppers are then placed in a big pan, and covered with very smooth tomato sauce, to simmer until done. Read more 


Fiš paprikaš –  Fish Stew

There are many recipes for fiš paprikaš, a paprika-flavored fish stew, calling for multiple fishes, such as pike, perch, carp, and catfish. Fiš paprikaš is a thin, soupy stew, laden with paprika flavor, and the huge chunks of fish are often un-boned. It’s generally served with pasta, similar to tagliatelle, and eaten in two courses.  Read more 


Croatian Lamb/Beef Stew with Green Peas 

This stew is much better if using lamb, but it is also nice with beef. The procedure is the same for both meats. Instead of potato you can use flour noodles, but they have to be small. Read more 

Hvarska Gregada, Makarska

Hvarska Gregada

It’s a traditional Dalmatian fish stew most commonly found on the island of Hvar (other Croatian islands have a similar stew but they use tomatoes and call it “brujet” instead of “gregada”).  A simple but savory stew of fish, onions and potatoes that you can order in the konobas of Dalmatia.  Read more


Croatian Octopus Salad

Octopus Salad is loved by the Croatians on the Dalmatian Coast. Fresh seafood is abundant and this makes a perfect salad as a starter or light lunch. Serve it with a nice glass of white wine and some crusty bread. Read more