Architecture: KingKey 100 Farrells’ Landmark Skyscraper in Shenzhen China

The KingKey (KK) 100 skyscraper is a result of an initiative to transform the Caiwuwei Village from a low-rise dull residential community to a thriving high-density urban place. Located on a 3.6 hectare site, it’s one among 6 other towers that complete the project by Joint Development Initiative.
The KK 100 stands at a whopping 442 metres above the ground and at the time of completion was the tallest building in Shenzhen and one of 15 tallest buildings in the world. Its supremacy in Shenzhen will soon be thwarted by the Ping An International Finance Centre which will be 648 metres tall and set to be completed in 2016. The glazed curtain wall façade curves at the base to create an interesting canopy at the entrance to the offices. The shopping centre branches out from the other end.
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