Prettiest Waterfalls In Ireland You Must See

Photo by David Sedlmayer on flickr

Torc Waterfall
This area is fairly busy with foot traffic as it is so close to the road and a popular stop along the Ring of Kerry. Behind Torc Waterfall, there are steps that I thought might bring me to a view of the top of the falls. 
Mahon Falls
Mahon Falls is an 80m waterfall nestled in the Comeragh Mountains near Lemybrien, County Waterford. There is a car park close to the falls with a not too strenuous walk to get to them. The dramatic waterfall which is surrounded by breathtaking beauty makes this a trip not to be missed. Visitors can also see sheep and goats dotted along the mountainsides. read
Glencar Waterfall
The waterfall reaches 50ft high and is situated at Glencar Lough. It creates a truly magical atmosphere. A short, picturesque wooded walk offers varied viewing platforms to enjoy the waterfall. There are more waterfalls visible from the road to Glencar, although none are quite as romantic as this one. read
Photo by Strabanephotos on flickr

Glenevin Waterfall
The walk up Glenevein Valley to the Glenevin Waterfall in Clonmany, County Donegal, takes the rambler on a safe, well sign -posted route. Newly installed picnic areas blend easily into the natural landscape. Footbridges are dotted along the track as visitors criss cross the stream using the stepping stones. read
Photo by blacklabphotography on fivehundredpx

Assaranca waterfall

Assaranca Waterfall, which is also situated in County Donegal. In fact, it is only about 75 miles from Glenevin Waterfall! Although it is close to Glenevin, it is remarkably different. Assaranca is approximated to stand about 95 meters (300 feet) tall, making it one of the taller waterfalls in Ireland. “Assaranca” is actually just the Gaelic word for “waterfall,” so it is very aptly named! 

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