Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich

Although they can be filled with anything from sausages to roast beef, I’m a fan of the ones with fried seafood such as oysters, catfish or shrimp. “Dressed” with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and a generous slathering of remoulade, Po’ Boys are like a festival of crispy, crunchy, creamy, savory and tangy textures and tastes that keep your mouth coming back for another bite.

Use smoked paprika both in the seasoning for the shrimp and in the remoulade. This gives the sandwich a marvelous earthy flavor which is the perfect counterpoint to the briny shrimp.  Crunchy savory shrimp with a creamy, tart and smoky remoulade, crisp iceberg lettuce, sweet tomatoes and tart crunchy dill pickles all nestled between two halves of plush french bread with a crisp crust, the finished sandwich is a masterpiece of color, texture, flavor and aromas.


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