The Best Tourist Attractions In China

 The famous stone topography of Shilin, meaning “stone forest.” Covering an area of three-hundred square kilometers (or 186 miles) the stone forest is a massive otherworldly landscape of karst formations over 270 million years old. Over the millennia seismic activity and water and wind erosion have carved the present-day limestone formations. Read More
Reed Fleet Cave is a spectacular cave located in Guilin City, China. Walking into Reed Flute Cave, you will be amazed at how radiant the dewy stalagmites look like. The rainbow lights and dazzling array of massive natural formations compose a dreamy wonderland. The underground lake peacefully flows along the cave, with the reflection of the cave veiling on the river and flowing quietly with the stream, which makes the beauty even more vivid and dynamic.  Read More
Caves 5 and 6 in the middle part of the Yungang Grottoes are the most impressive.Inside the 5th cave is a 17-meter-tall Buddhist statue, the largest in the Yungang Grottoes. Inside the 6th cave, besides large Buddhist statues, there are precious sculptures telling the story of Sakyamuni.
There are many amazing caves in the Yungang Grottoes.
Caves in the east part are mainly built with pagodas.
Caves in the middle part usually have front and back rooms, with the main Buddhist statue in the center, and the walls and ceilings carved with sculptures.
Caves in the west part are medium and small caves and niches. Read More
The forest, village, terrace and river compose the typical ecological landscape of the Hani Rice Terraces. The Hani People, their indigenous agricultural technologies, their selection of the settlement site and their traditional customs for environment protection and conservation all show a harmonious relationship between human and nature, and their relationship in the human society as well. Read More
Li-Jiang River cruise is one of the most famous activities in Guilin, and is one of the main reasons why visitors from all over the World come to this city.  The cruise takes about 3-4 hours (one-way) – departing from Guilin and arriving to a small, picturesque town named Yangshuo. Read More

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