The Tara River Canyon

the magnificent Tara River Canyon, an unexplored gem of Europe! In the south of Europe, surrounded by Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania, rests a charming little country called Montenegro, where Tara River emerges in all its glory. Even though its name means “Black mountain”, Montenegro’s mountains and nature are kaleidoscopical – the rivers and glacial lakes turning from blue to turquoise, the flowers of all colors covering the fields, the earthy textures of centuries-old houses splashed by the sun-kissed Adriatic sea, and between the green mountains and snow-white peaks of this country flows the crystal clear Tara, a diamond in the rough. Come with us on an exciting trip down the Tara River Gorge to see what else lies around the river bend! Read more
The canyon is 149 km long with depths reaching 1300m, and it is the deepest and sharpest canyon in Europe. Don`t tell us that you are not touched by the image of a bright green color of hardwood vegetation with dark green conifers and through all of that flows an emerald green river…? And they whoexperience this, what can you say butthat they’ll go green!!! And if we add that the canyon is still a big mystery with over 80 registered caves, still not investigated enough, and also indigenous plant and animal species.Doesn’t this information wake a researcher in your soul?! Read more

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