This ‘Shield Of Achilles’ Is One Of The World’s Finest Examples Of Ancient Greek Mythology Brought To Life

The shield of Achilles was described in Homer’s ‘Iliad’ and was carried by the legendary Achilles into battles. Homer goes as far as to dedicate 134 verses of the Iliad to the shield alone. The shield created by Rundell is a silver-gilt convex shield with a central medallion cast in high relief. Upon it can be seen the god Apollo surrounded by female figures that represent the constellations of the night sky.
In the epic poem, Achilles lost his armor after lending it to his companion Patroclus. Patroclus was killed in the battle of Hector, who took his weapons as booty. Then Achilles’ mother Thetis asks the god Hephaestus to forge new armor for her son.
Achilles himself was a hero of the Trojan war, which the Iliad and Homer’s other work, the Odyssey, both involve. During one of the battles, Achilles slays Hector who had killed his friend and comrade Patroclus at the gates of Troy.

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