Visit Kelpies statues in Falkirk, Scotland

The Helix Park is The Home of the Kelpies – the largest equine sculptures in the world. Located between Falkirk and Grangemouth, it was created as a space for the communities in the Falkirk area to come together. The Kelpies go a step further in bringing together not only people from different parts of Scotland and the UK, but from all over the world. Tourists continue to flock to the iconic structures, and take the story of The Kelpies with them to spread the message internationally. The Kelpies have transformed the area into a five-star tourist destination. Read more
Photo by atari1632 on fivehundredpx
Standing 30 metres (100ft) tall, The Kelpies stand majestically above all around them and pay homage to the working horses of Scotland which used to pull barges along Scotland’s canals and worked in the fields in the area where they now stand. Towering over a new canal extension which links the Forth & Clyde Canal to the North Sea, The Kelpies are the result of a unique collaboration between the partners and Glasgow-based artist Andy Scott. Almost a decade in the making, the project has transformed 350 hectares of underused land between Falkirk and Grangemouth into a vibrant parkland, visitor attraction and marine hub with the canal and The Kelpies at its heart. Read more
Photo by Jian Yao on fivehundredpx

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