Visit Tangier in Morocco

“This is the future of Morocco,” I hear in the van that transports me when I arrive in Tangier. A one-hour road connects Tétouan with one of the largest port cities in Morocco, and I already see significant signs of modernity.
The train and the long railway line, the heavy traffic, the trucks on the road, the big hotel chains, the Marina that announces a considerable construction. “If this is the future of Morocco, I want to get stuck in the past!”, I think to myself. Read more
Morocco is all about the experience – their history and hospitality. One of the unique things to do in Tangier is to stay inside the medina and in an old traditional home called riad. If you prefer a hotel, choose one inside the old town. Read more
New shopping malls, hotels, and resorts are emerging, and new high-speed train service will reduce travel from Casablanca to Tangier from five to two hours.
Tangier is set to buzz and thrive again as it did during the heady times of the “Interzone”. Read more

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